Fareed Film at Cannes Festival 2018 

Current Festival Showings for Fareed Film @Fareed_themovie:

Cannes Film Festival: Court-Metrages, Rendez-Vous du Cinéma Québécois and ECU Film Festival.

Patricia plays the love interest opposite Abdelghafour Elaaziz , produced by Item 7 and directed by Rudy Barichello

Patricia attends the Rainbow 6 Siege Invitational 

The Rainbow Six Siege Invitational crowned Team Penta as the new World Champions of R6S in Esports. The event took place at the Tohu arena in Montreal, featured panel discussions, a live orchestra, the reveal of new Cinematics and game play for Outbreak and several days of esports competition by the world's top esports competitors.

Patricia was there to represent her work (Full performance capture and voice of the classic operator Ash) in Outbreak, sit on the Universe Panel, and sign posters for Siege fans.

See more about the event here:

Featured from L to R in Universe Panel:

Justin Kruger, Farah Daoud, Gregory Fromenteau, Patricia Summersett

Inaugural Art Heart Charity Event  

Co-founded by Shana Porteen of Black Ice Comics and Upper Michigan native Patricia Summersett, "Art Heart" took place December 27th in Houghton, MI with proceeds benefiting local Hospice Omega House.

The "Geekstastic Minicon" event was the first of it's kind and raised 2700 dollars through a silent auction, admissions at the door and signed autographs. It also featured a panel discussion, comic lounge, artist alley and a D&D campaign.



Patricia (voice of Zelda) attends the Game Awards. BOTW wins 'Game of the Year' 2017  

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild wins the prestigious title of "Game of the Year" as well as "Best Direction" and "Best Action/Adventure" game.

Breath of the Wild also won 'Game of the Year' in Japan and the UK